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FAQs Business Accounts

Q. Can you take my payment over the phone?
A. No, unfortunately, we cannot accept payments over the telephone. Payments are accepted through our website FedNat.com with credit card or check. Once you are in the home screen select the “Submit a Payment” tab and the system will guide you through the payment process.

Q. Can I pay online if the policy has been cancelled?

A. No. You will need to contact your agent to be advised of the procedures for reinstatement. Your agent’s name and phone number is listed on the policy declarations page.

Q. Is there a late fee if my payment is not received on time?

A. Yes. The late fee of $10.00 is applied 5 days after the due date.

Q. Can I view my payment history?
A. Yes. Go to FedNat.com and click on “Submit a Payment” in the top right hand corner and follow the prompts to see the payment history. You will need to have your policy number and zip code available.

Q. My agent has moved or is out of business, who will service my policy?

A. Please contact Commercial Underwriting and we will assist in locating another agent for you.

Q. How can I make changes to my policy?

A. Contact your agent directly. Your agent’s name and phone number are listed on your declaration page.

Q. How can I get a copy of my declaration page?
A. Contact your agent or call our underwriting department directly at (800) 293-2532.

Q. How can I cancel my policy?
A. Provide a signed written request to FedNat Insurance Company. If you are backdating the cancellation, proof of duplicate coverage or a settlement statement is required.

Q. When will I receive my renewal offer?
A. Renewal offers are generated at least 45 days prior to the expiration date of the policy.

Q. Is there a grace period for paying renewals?
A. No. Policies must be paid in full before the expiration date.

Q. Does FedNat offer a payment plan?
A. Yes! Payment plans are available on renewals. Please see your renewal offer for details.

Q. Does FedNat accept outside financing?
A. Yes, please contact your agent for details.

Q. What is the required amount of the down payment for an additional premium on a direct bill policy?

A. There is no down payment requirement. If there are zero remaining monthly payments, the additional premium must be paid in full.

Q. What is my agent’s telephone number?
A. Please contact the Commercial Underwriting department at (800)293-2532 and we will be happy to provide you with your agent’s contact information.

Q. Can I switch agents?

A. Yes, you may switch agents by locating another agent who is appointed to write business with our company. You can locate a new agent by visiting our website and selecting “Find an Agent” and entering your “Zip Code”. Click on the “locate” tab and the system will provide you with the agents in your vicinity.

Q. When is my payment due?
A. From the home screen you may choose the “Submit a Payment” tab and enter your policy number and zip code. Once you arrive at the policy screen choose the “Payment Plan” tab and the system will display your payment history along with the next payment information.

Q. Can I view my policy online?

A. From the home screen you may choose the “Insured Login” tab and enter the policy number and zip code. This will display your basic policy information.

Q. How can I get a certificate of insurance?

A. You may contact your agent and they will be able to provide you with a certificate of insurance. If you don’t have your agent’s contact information please call the Commercial Underwriting department at (800) 293-2532 and we will be glad to provide you with their contact information.