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Condo Insurance

Condo Insurance

A Carefree Insurance Policy for Carefree Condo Ownership

Ahhh, the ease of condo living. No yardwork. No exterior upkeep. All the amenities are provided by your condo association with much less responsibility for you. As a condo owner, you’re likely only responsible for the contents of your condo.

With Condo Insurance from FedNat, you can rest easy knowing you’re only paying for the coverage you need. Our network of insurance experts can help you select the appropriate amount of coverage based on the inventory of items you want protected.

Our average condo policyholder receives a $125 credit on their policy with us.* Talk with your agent or click below to get a quote now.

What Does Condo Insurance Cover?

For most condo owners, the association coverage stops at the exterior walls. That leaves you responsible for your interior walls and personal property, which our coverage protects. Whether it’s weather-related damage, vandalism or theft, we’ll have you covered.

*Based on 12/31/2019 data