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Extra Protection

Extra Protection

Better protection for your changing needs and discounts you deserve

Equipment Breakdown

Protect your home appliances and more. If it’s powered by electricity, covering it could be powered by FedNat. Whether you’re a renter or homeowner, we have your equipment breakdown exposures covered. Best of all, it follows the terms and conditions of your insurance policy. Electric-powered appliances and equipment often require sophisticated diagnostic tools and skilled technicians when they stop working. Home Equipment Breakdown Coverage protects you against unexpected repair or replacement costs due to an electrical, mechanical or pressure system breakdown — even when they’re away from your property.

Service Line Coverage

Don’t let a hole in a pipe put your finances in one. Unknown to many homeowners, you’re responsible for the underground service lines from the street to your home. This product protects you by extending coverage for damage to underground piping or wiring that connects your home to a public utility service provider or private system.

ID Theft Protection

Recovery and reimbursement when homeowners need it. Identity theft statistics are staggering and anyone is at risk of becoming a victim. Those who do are left to pick up the pieces, which can take an endless number of hours to repair — and some may not be able to recover everything that’s taken. That’s why we offer ID Recover Program Services and ID Theft Expense Reimbursement Coverage.

Social Media

Social Media Coverage is a service that addresses five fundamental gaps left wide open by the social networks. This coverage provides a social media monitoring dashboard for your social media accounts that will automatically notify the account holder when/if their accounts have been compromised. This coverage also provides Identify Theft Fraud Solutions which provides actionable remediation options that do not require a claim to be opened. In addition, this service keeps track of incoming and outgoing posts/mentions that reference inappropriate language on you or your children’s social media accounts.