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Q. Can I make my payment to FedNat, Monarch National or Maison online?
A. Yes, go to FedNat.com and click on “Submit a Payment” which will take you directly to our payment portal or click on “Manage my Account” and complete the registration process which will allow you to view your policy information and submit your payment directly to us.

Q. How can I get a copy of my declaration page?
A. Contact your agent or call our underwriting department directly at (800) 293-2532. Go to FedNat.com and click on “Manage my Account” and register for our client portal. You will have access to view your information and print a copy of your policy.

Q. How can I make changes to my policy?
A. Contact your agent directly. Your agent’s name and phone number are listed on your declaration page.

Q. When will I receive my renewal offer?
A. Renewal offers are generated 45 days prior to the expiration date of the policy.

Q. Is there a grace period for paying renewals?
A. If the renewal payment is being made by the insured, there is a 15 day grace period from the date of renewal. If the insurance is escrowed by the mortgage company, the mortgage company has a 90 day grace period from the date of renewal.

Q. Are payment plans offered?
A Yes, quarterly and semi-annual payments are accepted.

Q. Is outside financing available?
A. Yes, please contact your agent for details.

Q. At what dwelling age is a 4-point inspection required?

A. Homes that are over 29 years of age will be subject to a 4-Point interior/exterior inspection; the inspection will be provided to you at no cost. Interior access is required by the inspector. An unacceptable inspection and/or failure to allow access could result in the risk being cancelled. All homes with a shingle or flat roof over 20 years of age may also be subject to inspection.

Q. How can I cancel my policy?
A. Provide a signed written request to FedNat. If you are backdating the cancellation, proof of duplicate coverage or a settlement statement is required.

Q. Can I elect to become paperless?

A. Yes, sign up for on-line access via the Customer Service / Manage my Account area.

At FedNat, we provide as much help information as we possibly can. But, unfortunately, we don’t have all the answers. Below are some links you may find helpful. However, if you ever can’t find the answers you need, please contact us and allow us to assist you.

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